Stage 4 Mesothelioma

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  • What is the diagnosis?

Stage 4 mesothelioma is the most advanced and serious stage, as mesothelioma is now in its most aggressive state and is no longer localized to one side of the chest and has spread to other organs as well. During stage 4 mesothelioma, focus is shifted from surgical treatment with hopes of elimination of the mesothelioma to palliative care for the patient aimed to alleviate symptoms and keep the patient as comfortable as possible. However, treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation are still available for those in otherwise good health, even at this late stage.

Stage 4 mesothelioma frequently metastasizes to other areas of the body such as:

  • The lymphatic system and blood vessels
  • The opposite side of the chest that it originated in, as well as the diaphragm and peritoneum
  • The spine
  • All organs within the chest cavity
  • Other distant organs, such as the brain, thyroid, or prostate in men

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