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MRHFM Nationwide Clients

We are proud to represent hardworking men and women across the United States in the following areas.

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As of January 2023

Some of Our Case Results...

State Result Occupation
FL $1,474,446.74 Construction
TN $3,988,000.00 Mechanic
IN $1,146,271.70 Mechanic
NY $2,009,374.31 Navy/Boiler Maker
MD $2,009,239.33 Mechanic
TX $1,503,361.46 Pipefitter
NC $1,321,871.51 Secondary Exposure
NJ $4,348,004.92 Electrician
AZ $2,299,531.37 Navy/Oilfield
KS $1,105,695.50 Factory Worker
MS $2,076,250.00 Secondary Exposure
CA $1,247,433.58 Construction
NY $2,939,041.98 Mechanic
OH $1,614,723.17 Secondary Exposure
WI $2,218,399.21 Secondary Exposure
PA $3,844,035.40 Shipfitter
NC $1,731,586.44 Navy/Boiler Maker
PA $1,454,658.33 Welder
FL $1,263,476.10 Navy/Maintenance
NY $3,455,433.70 Laborer
AR $786,250.00 Truck Mechanic
OR $1,109,414.27 Maintenance Worker
IL $2,374,336.96 Shadetree Mechanic
LA $3,742,000.00 Plastics Laborer
State Result Occupation
OK $1,640,484.33 Construction
TN $2,904,393.66 Iron Worker
ME $2,059,403.21 Maintenance Worker
LA $2,780,460.24 Foreman
MO $2,145,519.55 Mechanic
AZ $2,087,381.68 Electrician
MA $2,418,533.63 Navy/Mechanic
MI $2,466,110.51 Steel Worker
OH $1,983,516.12 Navy/Boilermaker
IL $3,121,005.78 Pipefitter
MI $2,472,413.51 Pipefitter
MO $3,059,293.00 Construction
NV $3,158,250.00 Construction
NE $2,377,786.03 Electrician
CO $1,250,000.00 Navy
GA $4,969,750.00 Insulator
VA $2,135,731.55 Navy/Laborer
WA $1,054,997.50 Mechanic
CA $6,000,000.00 School Teacher
DE $2,092,500.00 Secondary Exposure
OR $546,250.00 Navy
UT $1,709,048.73 Maintenance
WA $1,766,867.36 Mill Worker
WV $1,078,750.00 Airplane Mechanic

Prior results cannot and do not guarantee or predict a similar outcome with respect to any future matter, including yours, in which a lawyer or law firm may be retained.