Stage 2 Mesothelioma

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  • What is the diagnosis?

Stage 2 Mesothelioma refers to mesothelioma that is considered to be in an advanced stage, as it has begun to metastasize (spread) to other locales along the chest wall and lungs. However, like stage 1 mesothelioma, stage 2 mesothelioma is still only found in one side of the chest cavity. Of the 3 advanced stages of mesothelioma, stage 2 is considered to be the earliest stage of advancement. Because of the cancer being more advanced at stage 2 than at stage 1, treatment options for stage 2 are more limited, though still available, and can still have a tremendous impact on a patent’s prognosis. Surgeries for stage 2 mesothelioma removal include extrapleural pneumonectomy or pleurectomy, and are often performed in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Typically, stage 2 mesothelioma is first misdiagnosed as a less serious illness, such as pneumonia, because of common symptoms such as fever, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

Someone who has been diagnosed with stage 2 mesothelioma has a cancer that encompasses the qualities of stage 1 mesothelioma, but that has spread to:

  • Surrounding lung tissue
  • Areas of the diaphragm
  • Areas of the lymphatic system

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