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Radiation Treatment for Mesothelioma

Radiation is sometimes used with mesothelioma patients to reduce the size of the cancerous tumors. It is often combined with chemotherapy and surgery to help the patient fight the disease or it may be used as a palliative treatment.

Radiation therapy uses special machines to generate and direct high-energy particles to specific places in the body. These particles penetrate body tissues and are aimed directly at the tumor to damage and destroy cancer cells. In some cases, radiation therapy may be the only treatment needed. In others, it may be used to shrink the tumor before or during surgery, or after surgery to prevent cancer recurrence.

As a palliative treatment, radiation therapy is used to lessen symptoms and reduce suffering caused by cancer. It is not intended to cure cancer. On the other hand, as a standard mainstay treatment, radiation is intended to cure cancer by eliminating a tumor, preventing recurrence, or both.

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