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Meghan McGlynn - Associate

Neil Maune, Maune Raichle Hartley French & Mudd Mesothelioma Law Firm

Meghan McGlynn

Meghan's practice of law at MRHFM is exclusively dedicated to representing victims of asbestos exposure.

Throughout her legal career, Meghan has maintained a strong commitment to advocating on behalf of those who are socially or economically disadvantaged. As a law student, Meghan worked to preserve individuals’ Constitutional rights through numerous internships with both the Federal and State Public Defenders. After completing her J.D. in 2011, Meghan worked for several years as a practicing attorney representing children suffering from permanent brain damage caused by exposure to toxins and heavy metals emitted from metallurgical complexes operating in proximity to their homes.

Prior to law school, Meghan completed a Master’s Degree in English Literature at Washington University. While continuing with doctoral studies in both English and Education, Meghan worked in higher education as the director of a college tutoring center and as a college-level writing instructor.

Outside of the office, Meghan volunteers with various nonprofit organizations, including serving as a longtime mentor and tutor with children in the St. Louis Public School system and serving on the board of directors for Paul Artspace, an artist residency program based in Florissant, MO, that endeavors to provide artists from around the globe the time and space to pursue their art.

Meghan spends her free time playing the piano, attempting to learn the trumpet, dabbling in the arts including photography and ceramics, and traveling.



Armed with a long history of public service work, Meghan joined Maune, Raichle, Hartley, French, & Mudd in February of 2018 to continue her efforts to promote social justice through legal advocacy.


Saint Louis University
School of Law, 2011

St. Louis, MO

Washington University in St. Louis

Practice Area